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About Us

IKER took birth in 2015

We specialize in people solutions allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities.

We serve a wide variety of industries and positions. Our experienced staffing specialists understand the full recruitment and placement process, and possess in - depth knowledge of the communities we work with. We are your partner in performance.

With over 100+ man years of management experience, we have managed to build excellent client roster over the past twelve years.

Our in -depth understanding of hiring requirements and candidate profiles helps us to deliver and add value to you.

As an employer, having the right person for the right job is critical but it is increasingly challenging to search and retain good talent. One of the many reasons contributing to this has been the fact that there has been a faster increase in demand for talent in comparison to their availability.

Our focus is singular : We help our clients by providing foremost talent.
At Iker Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd., our goal is,

  • to be our client's first choice for all their staffing needs.
  • through our superior service and integrated business solutions we offer a full variety of staffing options.
  • to be the first choice of employment for our field employees and full time staff.
  • everything we do is based on our core values of honesty, integrity, maturity, and having a passion for helping others.

Our experience across varied industries has equipped us in not just building strong databases and processes but has also allowed us to achieve greater domain expertise on assignments handled by us.
Whatever are your business goals we are always here to support you.

Our Industries:

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Why Work

with Us

  • A 12 year old organization with strong presence in recruitment and staffing.
  • Organization promoted by people of multi functional experience.
  • Strong middle management team.
  • Our field teams are selected through a rigorous process, and we provide the best in industry HR environment to attract and retain to talent.
  • We understand the customer’s desired end goal and work towards creating program modules that addresses complete situation in order to achieve these objectives.
  • Over 100+ man years of senior and middle management experience.
  • Dedicated team of > 40 recruiters working across various sectors and functions.

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Staffing Services:

Temporary staff leads to cost savings and enhanced productivity.
Whether you wish to hire a small team or full fledged department you can count on us. We work with the vision to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business. We never compromise on quality as the front end staff is the face of your company. Through proper screening and high standard interviews, we hire the best from the talent pool.
Our Staffing Specialists handpick candidates based on your specific situation and needs. They carry extensive experience in hyper local markets and know how to make a good match.

We cater to your following requirements,

  • Temporary Staffing Flexible, short term staff additions or replacements.
  • Managed Workforce Extended term workforce engaged and managed on site for enhanced productivity.
  • Direct Hire Staff recruitment and placement on a fee for service basis. Positions range from entry to executive level.
  • Outsourcing Long term staffing and management of an entire departmental function with performance accountability.
  • Project oriented Seasonal or project specific workforce.

Our Staffing Specialists have extensive knowledge and established relationships with the top employers in the markets we service. Our customized hyper local approach can help you to build the team you deserve.

Our Presence:

Why Outsource

  • Resolve headcount issues.
  • Minimize administrative overheads.
  • Be completely assured on statutory and taxation adherence such as PF, ESIC, PT & other statutory and labour laws / compliances.
  • Allows the management to focus on core / critical activities
  • Adaptable to the seasonal nature of business, helps counter business uncertainties and demand of scale up and scale down of business.
  • Ensure a backfill rate of less than 24 Hours for any attrition that happens at ground level.
  • Minimal time cost for management in administration.
  • Consistent on time delivery of payroll output.
  • Constant updates on changing payroll related legislation.
  • Round the year client servicing to solve queries.
  • Flexible reports as per requirement of management.
  • Crystallize costs.


Attendance tracking using GPS
  • No hassles of swiping, punching or signing for attendance.
  • Attendance data feeds into payroll system seamlessly.
Employee friendly
  • Web/ app based easy to use self data entry facility.
  • View payslips and other information e.g. leave data, attendance.
  • Income tax declarations of investments and proofs.
  • Viewing historical data.
On-Line Processes
  • No cumbersome paperwork involving form filling.
  • All original documents stored digitally app/ web based.
  • On Line On Boarding employees can join anywhere.
  • Salary credit to employee bank accounts.
Decision Support System / Information System
  • Compare information over weeks , months , quarters, years.
  • Analyse various slices of employee information to spot emerging issues or trends
  • Appropriate customised admin and manager controls to ensure data confidentiality.
  • Secure data transmission and storage with back up; easy retrieval systems.
  • Faster processing windows.
Sourcing Support

Dedicated team of recruiters for the outsourced staffing business to focus on niche outsourced staffing requirements in

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