Attendance tracking using GPS
  • No hassles of swiping, punching or signing for attendance.
  • Attendance data feeds into payroll system seamlessly.
Employee friendly
  • Web/ app based easy to use self data entry facility.
  • View payslips and other information e.g. leave data, attendance.
  • Income tax declarations of investments and proofs.
  • Viewing historical data.
On-Line Processes
  • No cumbersome paperwork involving form filling.
  • All original documents stored digitally app/ web based.
  • On Line On Boarding employees can join anywhere.
  • Salary credit to employee bank accounts.
Decision Support System / Information System
  • Compare information over weeks , months , quarters, years.
  • Analyse various slices of employee information to spot emerging issues or trends
  • Appropriate customised admin and manager controls to ensure data confidentiality.
  • Secure data transmission and storage with back up; easy retrieval systems.
  • Faster processing windows.
Sourcing Support

Dedicated team of recruiters for the outsourced staffing business to focus on niche outsourced staffing requirements in